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All products are provided by AutoProtect

AutoProtect Finance Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

AutoProtect offers a wide range of award-winning asset protection products. As with all AutoProtect products, Finance Guaranteed Asset Protection can be customised to your business needs and designed to suit your customer's requirements.

Significant benefits

  • Designed to provide financial protection if they have taken out a finance agreement to fund the purchase of their car.
  • Provides financial protection if the customer has used finance to purchase their vehicle
  • Finance GAP policy may pay the difference between the amount paid out by the motor insurance provider and any outstanding finance on their car.
  • Meets the ABI code of practice.
  • Transferable.
  • Cancellable.

AutoProtect Key Insurance

Key Protection has been designed to reduce the distress and worry of losing your keys, as well as the expense.

Significant benefits

  • 24-hour, nationwide coverage, 365 days a year
  • Coverage for keys that go astray abroad
  • A reward paid directly to the person who finds your customer's keys
  • Contribution towards replacing keys or vehicle locks
  • Contribution towards car hire for three days
  • Payment towards a call-out charge if your customer's keys are locked in their vehicle or break in the lock

AutoProtect SMART Protect

As the name suggests, SMART Protect is a policy designed to help you keep your customer's car in perfect condition, without compromising their no claims bonus.

Significant benefits

  • Chips, dents, scuffs and light scratches are covered with SMART Protect.
  • Making a claim does not affect no claims bonuses.
  • Once you have a live policy, if you need to make a claim you can via our SMART app, online or on the phone.
  • Repairs carried out at your customer's home or at work, at their convenience.
  • Dealer self-repair option.
  • Should your customer come to sell, retail value is optimised.
  • Our SMART repair service is manufacturer approved and sets the industry standard.

Williams branded Ceramic Coat

AutoProtect is the exclusive UK distributor of the Williams Formula One team branded paint protection product, Ceramic Coat. The Williams brand is key to demonstrating that this particular product comes highly recommended and has significant customer recognition and authority.

A gleaming exterior

  • Ceramic Coat bonds with the pores in the paintwork to form an extremely durable, crystal clear finish that needs no maintenance except washing.
  • It resists UV light, cold, frost, acid rain, exhaust fumes, bird lime (provided it is removed within 21 days) and solvents.
  • It saves time, money and elbow-grease!

A spotless interior

Combined with an innovative interior protection system, Ceramic Coat also shields the surfaces and fabrics inside the vehicle. It makes everyday spills, dirt and grime easier to remove and is also:

  • Hypo-allergenic.
  • Environmentally-friendly.
  • Non-aerosol.